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Starting School in September 2020

Thank you for choosing Saint Edmund’s and welcome to our school community.  This section of our website is dedicated to those families with children joining our Reception class in September 2020. With the uncertainty of when schools will re-open, we will keep this page updated with information for you to check regularly. 


Early Years Foundation Stage



We recognise that starting school is a huge event in your child's life, and we aim to make it a pleasurable experience for all. In June, we usually start with an information evening for parents to introduce key members of our community. In July, we usually give children the opportunity to explore their new classroom with a familiar adult at our stay and play session. If possible, we also try to visit children in their pre-school setting.

In term 1, we hold short home visits to each child so that they can get to know their new teacher and teaching assistant in a safe and secure space to them. We have had huge success with this in the past and hope all families recognise the benefits of a personalised one to one introduction for their child. It also provides you with the opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about your child starting school. Even if your child is shy or hides in another room, it still provides them with the reassurance to see parents talking with their new teacher and teaching assistant.

The final few steps of transition take place in school. We invite half of the class in for one full day at a time before they all join together. As you can imagine, we will need to make slight adaptations to settling in this year but will work hard to keep you informed and up to date with our plans.

We recognise the settling in process may take longer for your child. Parents and carers are welcome to come into class with their child each morning. We keep an open mind to adapt this process to meet the needs of any children who may find this more challenging than others.

Helping your child be ready for school

We understand that you will want your child to be ready to start school in September. Therefore, we have created a list of links and documents that may help you in preparing your child for this special time.

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