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Welcome to Tiger Class (Year 5)

Hello and welcome to Tiger Class! This is the year where you enter Upper Key Stage 2 and I am looking forward to welcoming you into the class. In this class I expect you to work hard, always try your best and rise to the challenge of being role models that our younger children will look up to. I also hope that we will laugh and have some fun along the way too!

Miss Broomfield

Playleaders - at the bottom of this class page, you will find a letter from Mrs Box regarding playleaders. She is looking for children to join the leaders team from September. To find out more, and apply to be a playleader, please read her letter and ask an adult at home to send her an email at the address on the letter.

Meet the staff

There are a number of staff who will be working in Tiger Class this year.

Summer activities

To prepare you for our return to school in September, I have added here some activities which your child could do over the summer break. Housepoints are available for participation in any of these activities. Please send photos of what your child has done in September to our class email address: year5@st-edmunds-pri.wilts.sch.uk and they will be able to start the school year off with plenty of housepoints!

Reading - I cannot stress enough the importance of reading for the development of your child. Please read anything and everything as often as possible to embed this vital skill. Encourage your child to read aloud several times a week to develop their fluency - studies have shown a direct link between reading fluency and comprehension of what has been read. 

Your child could participate in the Summer Reading Challenge - https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/; listen to audiobooks - https://stories.audible.com/discovery or try some the challenges on the activity sheet added below. 

If you are looking for some new books to try, I've recommended some (see below) and also added a reading 'tube map' which gives plenty of suggestions if you like a particular author.

Reading tube map

Maths - Another essential skill that will give your child a great start in September is knowing their times tables. Knowing these facts, and their related division facts, forwards, backwards and upside down (!), enables your child to focus on the new areas of maths they are learning, without getting stuck on these basic calculations. Each child has access to Timestable Rockstars and can use this via the free, downloadable app, or via the website  - https://ttrockstars.com/ at home. If your child has forgotten their log in and password, email year5@st-edmunds-pri.wilts.sch.uk. I will be sporadically checking emails over the summer, so can send your child their log in details.

Topic - Our topic for terms one and two will be The Vikings. Your challenge is to find out all about Viking longboats. You can then choose to present what you've learnt as either a labelled drawing or as a model. You could use materials from your household recycling box or visit Wiltshire Scrapstore in Lacock for supplies.

Science - In term one we will be learning about forces. Your challenge is to research Sir Isaac Newton. Find out who he was and what he is famous for. Choose how you present your information - will you choose a fact file, poster, leaflet or some other way?


Mrs Box is seeking children from Tiger Class to join the school playleaders team. If you are interested, more information is available in the document below, along with an application form, which can either be send via email to Mrs Box at year1@st-edmunds-pri.wilts.sch.uk or brought back into school in September.

Term One

We are continuing to use knowledge organisers as a way of supporting your child to learn key facts and vocabulary linked to our topics and science each term. We ask that you spend time with your child looking through the information, learning the key facts and completing any activities on the sheet. This gives your child a solid grounding for the learning that we will then be doing in class. Returning a completed knowledge organiser will earn your child housepoints! See below for term one's knowledge organisers.

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