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Tiger Class (Year 5) home learning - Term 5

Hello everyone! I hope that you are continuing to stay safe and well with your families.

I have had a busy week with teacher jobs, but have also taken the opportunity to get out of the house and explore my local countryside as well as supporting the children at our Key Worker provision based at Fynamore School. I've also been conitnuing to read lots during my spare time. 

I am loving hearing what you'd been up to at home. Please keep your emails and photos coming! To see what everyone has been up to, click on the 'What we've been up to' page off of this class page. Send weekly messages and photographs of activities you've enjoyed at home to year5@st-edmunds-pri.wilts.sch.uk. By sending photographs to us at this address, you are giving us permission to publish them on our class webpage under 'what we've been up to.' If you do not wish for your child's image to be used, please send pictures of their creations or activities without their face in the frame. 

Our class web page is updated on Friday afternoon, so please send a little update and one or two photographs each week, no later than 12 noon on Fridays. Although it should not go live to you at this point, if there is anything you would like to keep for longer please try to download it before this time to avoid disappointment. New resources will be available on the following Monday.

Home learning activities have been updated below for week commencing May 18th 2020. I understand that some of you will be able to home school daily and are keen to keep to a normal school timetable. Others will be juggling home school with working from home. Please adapt the activities to suit your situation. If possible, try to do something every day. Keeping up with reading and morning maths work would be an ideal starting point. The knowledge organisers also have key learning points for this term. Many of the activities have worksheets which can be printed out for children to work on independently. Alternatively, children can follow the worksheets on the screen and complete their response on paper or in a notebook. Some activities could be discussed with an adult instead and would therefore require no formal recording or printing.

Please note: there will be no new home learning added for the week commencing May 25th 2020 as this is half term. However, new learning will be uploaded to this page ready for the start of Term 6 on Monday, June 1 2020. Should you wish to continue your home learning during this week, you could try some of the lessons available through the National Oak Academy School via this link: https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom/year-5/#subjects or some ofthe lessons available through BBC Bitesize via this link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/levels/zbr9wmn. Perhaps you could start to learn a new language over half term? 

Please keep in touch and contact me via the class email address if you need any help or support during this difficult time. Stay safe.

Miss Broomfield

Term 5 - week 5 (w/c May 18th) - English

This week's English tasks are below. You will also find a PowerPoint file to support this week's learning. All but a few of the children in our class should be able to complete this learning. If your child has special educational needs, please see the section below marked 'Children with special educational needs'.

Term 5 - week 5 (w/c May 18th) - Maths

This week's Maths tasks are below. You'll also find two PowerPoint files to support this week's learning. Don't forget to keep practising your times tables by using Times Tables Rockstars - can you get quicker than me? Try to also complete at least one section of the Maths CGP book sent home before Easter 3 times a week.

Term 5 - week 5 (w/c May 18th) - Reading

This week's Reading tasks are below. There are four days worth of reading comprehensions this week. On the fifth day, I'd like you to enjoy your own reading book.

If there is a book that you've enjoyed recently, please write a mini review to send to me, so I can share it with others in our class on the 'What we've been up to' page. Equally, if you are looking for recommendations, please see below a 'tube map' of different book ideas and the reviews written by others in our class. If you like Walliams or Tom Gates books, for example, the map gives you ideas of other books you might enjoy.

Don't forget The Book of Hopes? It's an online-only, free-to-read compliation of different short stories, poems and pictures from a number of well-known authors. It can be found here: https://literacytrust.org.uk/family-zone/9-12/book-hopes/

Where there are different sets of comprehension questions denoted by one, two or three stars, almost all children in our class should be able to start with the two star questions. Confident children could start at the three star questions. Alternatively, children could start on one star questions and then re-read the text another day and complete the two star questions, and so on. If you child has special education needs, please see the section below marked 'Children with special educational needs'.

Reading tube map

Term 5 - week 5 (w/c May 18th) - Spellings

Find below the spellings for children to learn this term. All spelling practise can be done in children's green spelling practise books. The majority of the class should learn the spellings on the first list. I've also added a spelling correction activity. Can you spot the mistakes and correct the spellings?

Term 5 - week 5 (w/c May 18th) - General activities

See below this week's grid of activities (and supporting resources) that cover other subjects such as DT, art, PE and RE for you to try. Our Topic learning this term is Europe and our Science theme is electricity. Knowledge organisers for both these areas are also below. You may also wish to learn a new skill or carry out home tasks such as gardening etc this week. 

Term 5 - week 5 (w/c May 18th) - other opportunities

RE/faith-based activities: As well as RE-based activities in the weekly activity grid, there are further activities, prayers and assemblies available on the 'RE - home learning' page for children and families to use and participate in during this difficult time. Click on this link: https://www.st-edmunds-pri.wilts.sch.uk/wilts/primary/st-edmunds/staging/pages/learning/re/homelearning

Art competition: a new art competition has been launched by Bath Spa University for children to enter. See below for more information.

Term 5 - week 5 (w/c May 18th) - Children with special educational needs

If you know that your child has special educational needs, the learning here is for them. There are daily English tasks to complete, with reading resources also uploaded here. There is also a reading comprehension with one, two and three star questions. This comprehension should be split over three days, completing the one star questions first, then the two star questions the next day and so on.

On days 4 and 5 your child can read for pleasure out loud to an adult. Perhaps you could find somewhere unusual to read your book this week? It might be laying upside down on your sofa, in a home-made den or somewhere else! Why not take a photo of where you were reading and sent it to me for our class photos page?

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