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Class Teacher
Giraffe (Reception) Mrs F Towers
Zebra (Year 1) Mrs C Box/Mrs A Norman
Chameleon (Year 2) Mrs P du Pre
Gazelle (Year 3) Mrs N Johnson
Panda (Year 4) Miss A Neill
Tiger (Year 5) Miss K Broomfield
Lion (Year 6) Mrs H Bridges
Day release teacher for Year 3,Year 4 and Year 6 Mrs Z Humphreys

Teaching Assistants

Other Staff

Headteacher Mrs M L Brown
Assistant Headteacher Mrs H Bridges
Senior Manager Mrs P du Pre
SENCO Mrs S Jacobs
School Business Manager Mrs A Minns
School Office Miss C Cady
Site Manager This position is currently vacant
Kitchen Assistants Mrs J Padam, Mrs Z Juhaz-Phillipson

Mrs D Cooke, Mrs T Gough, Mrs R McKenna, Miss K Garrett, Mrs C Crabtree



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