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Welcome to Lion Class

Year 6 is a very important time for your child.  We have a lot of work to get through this year, although we hope their learning will be enjoyable and their final year at Saint Edmund’s will be memorable.


I will update this page every term with curriculum information, important dates and useful information.  If you ever have any questions or concerns please make an appointment to come and see me.

Mrs Bridges

Home Learning during the Covid-19 outbreak will be updated weekly at the bottom of the class page.


Curriculum Information and Guides for parents.

Here are some documents to help you understand the Year 6 curriculum and support your child with their learning at home.

Term 1:

Welcome back to a new school year. I look forward to teaching your children again this year.  I am in school 5 days a week and will be in class for the equivalent of 4 days-Mrs Crabtree will also be teaching the class.  We are very lucky to have the support of Mrs Powell every morning and Mrs McKenna will be doing interventions in the afternoons.  Mrs Harvey will be in class Monday to Thursday.  We have lots of exciting learning planned for this term - including our Topic on World War Two.

Term 2:

Welcome back to Term 2.  It was lovely to see you all last term at parents evening.  This term, we will continue with our learning about World War Two- changing our focus to the lives of soldiers and the Battle of Britain.  We have our school trip to REME on the 20th November.

Term 3:

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely holiday and I wish you all a happy and healthy 2020.  We have another busy term planned. I was really proud of how hard the children worked last term and the progress they are making in assessments- I look forward to some more successful learning this term.  

Term 4:

Welcome back to another busy term.  In English and Maths we will have a final push on curriculum knowledge and understanding - ready for SATS in May.  As I discussed with many of you at Parent's Evening, in the afternoons we will also be running tailored interventions to help your child achieve their full potential.  We have analysed the areas where they need more support and will work with them in small groups to help them gain this skill.  We have created knowledge organisers for you to use as prior learning and through out the term to help support your child with vocabulary and key facts.  This term I have uplaoded one for Science and Maths.  Please come and find me if you would like any additional information or support.

Home Learning

It is with much sadness that I didn't get the chance to say a proper goodbye - I hope I will be able to come say hello to you again.  In the meantime, I will update this section with activities for you to complete at home.  I know the SATS may have been cancelled but please remember Year 6 isn't just about the SATS. It is an important year to prepare you for secondary education; this is especially true for Term 6.  So depending how long this arrangement lasts I will endeavour to provide activities to prepare you for Year 7.  With my Best Wishes Mrs Bridges

Free resources you can access daily.

They will be published for a mixed age range but I'm sure there will be some fun and interesting lessons.

9am - PE with Joe Wickes - on Youtube

9:30am - Wildlife with Steve Bracknell - on Facebook

11am - Science with Maddie Moate - on Youtube

11am - Story time with David Walliams - www.worldofdavidwalliams.com

Maths with Carol Vordeman - www.themathsfactor.com

Please remember during this time your children's happiness and wellbeing is important (and so is yours!).  These are all just suggestions for you to use when the time is right for you and them.  Please take care of yourselves.

Term 4 Week 6


This week revise our decimal work from the term.  Complete each of the sessions uploaded and look at the following in your Arithmetic CGP book:

Tuesday: adding decimals – CGP pages 24-25

Wednesday: subtracting decimals – CGP pages 26-27

Thursday: multiply & divide decimals – CGP pages 30-32

Friday: divide decimals – CGP pages 33-34



On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - Use your CGP Poetry book and complete a page each day on the poem ‘River’s Story.’

On Thursday and Friday – free reading – remember to record it all in your reading record.


Grammar and Writing:

Monday – Create a grammar quiz for a friend or you could test your parents!

Tuesday – narrative writing task – use the picture to write a story

Wednesday – non fiction writing task – the accident

Thursday – poetry – Write a spring or Easter themed poem.

Friday -  CGP spelling book pages


Other subjects:

Look at the weekly activity grid.

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