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Stay at Home Sports Day 2020!

Wednesday 24th June 2020

This week it was meant to be our Sports day; unfortunately, we won’t get a chance to do this altogether this year. So we are bringing Sports day into your household! You could compete against your family- brothers, sisters, dad, mum, carers, grandparents.

There are certificates and rosettes attached however, you can make your own certificates, rosettes or trophy!
Remember…This is for fun! Enjoy yourselves and make the most of it!

We would love to see your photos and certificates and will post some of these on the website for your friends to see too!

Please email them to your class email by Friday 26th June.

You can choose a selection of the activities or can you do all these challenges in a day?

Whichever activities you do, you will get an automatic point, as it is the participation that counts. You’ll also get a chance to win a bonus point. Record your points on a piece of paper or you can print off the table attached.

Extra Activities are attached below. You could make a poster to advertise your Sports Day to your family or write a poem about it afterwards!

We hope you have fun and enjoy yourselves!!


Events, Certificates and Extra Activities

Below are the attachements for our events and school certificate. There are also some extra activities that you could complete for Stay at Home Sports Day! 

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