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School Development Plan 2021-2022

Overview of Priorities

  • Ensuring continuity of education post Covid 19 lockdown:
    • Identify where children are in their learning post lockdown.
    • Ensure the curriculum reflects where learning from the previous year groups needs to be included this year.
    • Ensure that, in the event of the school being closed during a further lockdown, the children have access to a high quality, monitored education online.
  • Curriculum development:
    • To ensure that we have a ‘broad and rich’ curriculum that reflects the vision and values of the school.
    • Develop a whole school curriculum map which clearly identifies intent, implementation and impact for all foundation subjects.
    • To ensure middle leaders have a clear understanding of the intent, implementation and impact of their curriculum areas and how each impacts on the whole curriculum
    • To ensure the continuity of the teaching of phonics across KS1 and into Key Stage 2.
    • Raise the standard of writing to reach at least Age Related Expectation
    • To embed the mastery teaching of maths across the school with aim to increase rate of progress across the school
    • To ensure that the 2020 Relationships framework becomes an integral part of the school PSHE curriculum.
  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS):
    • To develop continuous provision in Early Years and Y1 so that pupils are independent learners being stretched to their potential.
    • To ensure that all staff have a secure understanding of EYFS provision and assessment
    • To streamline practice across the whole of EYFS.
  • SEND:
    • To have a clear picture of SEND provision across the school, which is mapped and monitored and communicated to all stakeholders
    • To provide timely and appropriate support to all pupils with SEND and meet statutory requirements
  • Mental health:
    • Re-establish children’s connections to the school, the wider community and the global community.
    • Raise children’s awareness of their own mental health and to develop a school strategy which allows all children to have access to opportunities to focus on their own well-being.
    • To raise staff awareness of their own mental health and ensure they know how to get help when needed.
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