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Returning to school for Term 6

Following government guidelines, we have made many changes for when children return in term 6. One of the main changes will be the one way system we have around the site to ensure everyone can maintain a safe 2 metres distance. You may want to share this page with your child so that they know what to expect on their first day back.

We understand that these are big changes for you and your children to adapt to, but hope you can appreciate they are in place to keep the health and safety of everyone a priority. Children in school will be following the same activities as those at home.

Entering the school site

When you enter the school site, please stay to the left and walk up the driveway towards the field. Follow the wooden fence round to the right and head towards the playground. Here you will see which gate to send your child through.

Year 2 and Year 3 Classrooms

Year One children (Zebra Class) will not be in their usual classroom. They will be in either the Year 2 or Year 3 classrooms. These will look very different for us all as there have been some big changes to our classrooms. Please explain to your child that they will be at a table on their own and they will not be able to share resources or toys with friends. Children will not be permitted to move around the classroom freely.

Leaving the school site

To exit the school site, please come off the field onto the playground. Follow the usual exit route round to the quiet garden and out the main gate. You will need to follow the same route around the field and onto the playground to collect your child at the end of the school day. Children will exit out of the same gate they entered in the morning.

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